WhitePoint Youth Football

“In-House” Tackle Program

Whitepoint Youth Football is an In-House, Developmental Tackle League. All Coaches are USA Football Certified and practice the NFL’s Heads Up Tackling program.

Whitepoint “In-House” Youth Football provides a beneficial opportunity to children ages 5 to 13; a chance to be a part of a team, an opportunity for intense emotional and physical expression, and exposure to meaningful discipline. We focus on the fundamentals and offer all the excitement of tackle football with some modifications that foster a competitive environment conducive to teaching and learning the game of football. 

We work together, play hard, obey rules, and treat everybody with respect. When we hit the field we mean business. Coaches will work, teach, and challenge players. We want everyone’s best effort. When players leave our program, they leave with great memories, lifelong friends, and the skills to be successful in  football and beyond. 

"Instructional & Fundamental Youth Football the Way It’s Supposed to Be"